A firefighting wrestler gets married to a stranger on a TV show, a friendship starts with a broken bottle over the head, a spooky prediction on the subway, the reality of being a reality star, a Kardashian who matters, an epic marriage proposal, a cat saxophonist, pickles. Plus, an improv comedy game creates a brand new wacky reality TV show, and much more!

Jason CarrionJason Carrion (@bklynbad), star of the Lifetime reality TV series “Married at First Sight”, professional wrestler, and FDNY Firefighter, guests with hosts Marc Raco (@racomarc), Danielle Beckmann (@deebeck) and producer Elsie (@elsietheproducer) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

    • Salsa vs. salsa
    • Rick and Morty origins related to Marty McFly?
    • Marc gets spooked  by a guy in the subway
    • Finding friends who ghost you
    • A fight and a broken bottle result in a friendship
      Married at First Sight
    • Reality shows
    • A round of the improv game of What If brings DeVito, Schwarzenegger, a new kind of reality show,  Last Comic standing in Home Depot, knock-knock jokes and Carl gets a WifeJason Carrion


  • The decision to do a reality show in which you get married to a stranger, a rough few months of marriage, the strain of becoming a firefighter, a wrestling alter ego
  • Losing a mom and sharing her art
  • The reality of being a reality star
  • Angie Kardashian, an American hero after 9/11
  • Marc tells the story of his epic marriage proposal
  • Elsie on her jazz band and the sax-playing cat
  • End of Show Food gets the gang into a pickle

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