Mark NormandThe journey and drive of a stand-up comedian, nerd dating, fun socks, expensive Uber rides, and biopics. Plus, an improv comedy game discovers last words of celebrities moments before the meteor hits.

Comedian, writer and actor Mark Normand (@marknormand), who also cot-hosts the podcast “Tuesdays with Stories“, guests with hosts Marc Raco (@racomarc), Danielle Beckmann (@deebeck) and producer Elsie (@elsietheproducer) in the MouthMedia Network studio powered by Sennheiser.

Mark NormandIn this episode:

  • Obscure nerd dating sites
  • Comic vs. Comedian
  • Is Comedienne an archaic term?
  • Upcoming biopics
  • Uncomfortable (and expensive) Uber rides
  • A round of “What’s on Elsie’s Socks?”
  • The debut and finale of “Famous Last Words”!
  • What drives Mark’s passion for comedy and his career goals
  • The division of standup, improv, and actingMark Normand
  • Comedy as a way of connecting with people
  • Comedy as a meritocracy and the “necktie” theory
  • The pains and gains of writing material
  • What makes a joke work or not work
  • Elsie brings in a sour End of Show Food! 

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