The Funny People Talking Podcast

Finalist for Best Comedy Podcast in the 2019 People’s Choice Podcast Awards

Marc RacoKlarity (@racomarc) and Danielle Beckmann (@deebeck) explores the nature and use of humor with entertainers, influencers, icons, innovators, and incredible people who have one thing in common – they’re funny. Episodes feature improv games, nerd tips, what’s wrong with the world, strange foods presented by deadpan producer Elsie, possible Star Trek references, and a whole universe of things to laugh at (and with). From the same people who brought you “Monkey Radio with Marc”. Produced by MouthMedia Network.

Marc Raco

In addition to his role as head of Content/Programming for MouthMedia Network and a host of MouthMedia shows “Fashion Is Your Business” and “The Word from Mouth”, Marc has professionally performed improvisational comedy, and even had his hand at standup. His podcast “Monkey Radio with Marc” was in the lineup for two podcast networks, published more than 100 episodes featuring guests such as Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood (Who’s Line Is It Anyway), Melissa Villasenor (SNL), Jamie Lissow (The Real Rob on Netflix), Michael Park (As the World Turns, Dear Evan Hansen), Alfa Anderson (Chic), and was downloaded more than 600,000 times. He was a featured blogger for, and has appeared in more than 25 films, 50 stage productions, and several television roles including costarring on “Limitless” (CBS), “Blue Bloods” (CBS), “Law and Order SVU (NBC), “As the World Turns” (CBS), and “Onion News Network” (IFC). He also has been recognized with numerous awards as a filmmaker, and produced/directed the animated film “Zero Patience: A Night of Monkey Radio”. Plus, he served as an NYPD Auxiliary police officer and is a real life Kentucky Colonel.

Danielle Beckmann

Danielle Beckmann is an actress, producer, and writer originally from Los Angeles, currently living in Brooklyn, NY. Since she loves making people laugh, you can find her performing on the stage, screen, or in your ears making audiences chuckle. She’s written and starred in the snackable micro-series Just All Around Good Ideas and she is the Dungeon Master of the new livestream Dungeons & Dragons adventure show, Maven Brave on Brooklyn Quarter. With Brooklyn Quarter she also performs on the weekly epic livestream table-top DnD show, Carroll Guardians. In the RPG world Danielle has had the pleasure of rolling dice with figures such as Stefan Pokorny (Dwarven Forge), Greg Tito (Wizards of the Coast, Dragon Talk Host), and Timothy Reese (DM of Carroll Guardians, Brooklyn Quarter). Danielle has also produced multiple live theatre productions, web series, and stand-up comedy shows.


Before transitioning into podcasting, Elsie has produced radio shows over the decades in the US, UK, and Tanzania. Favorite booked guests have included Elvis, Chewbacca, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, and Vincent Kigosi. Elsie was also instrumental in the success of the UK drive time radio hit “The Mickey and Billy Show” before joining the “Monkey Radio with Marc” podcast. When she is not in the studio, Elsie’s focuses are her cat Nunyabizness, amateur kickboxing, searching for vintage jazz albums, and eating her way through an extensive culinary bucket list. She is also working on an ongoing project involving bacon, chocolate and salsa.